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"SIMA® has been impressive. . . . I have found it to be valuable in helping match skill sets with proper job assignments."

   – Julius Alberico
      Executive Vice President
      NYLCare Health Plans, Inc.

"The Motivated Abilities Pattern® evaluations . . . have been very beneficial . . . to my efforts to mold jobs to the skills of high-performance individuals. . . ."

   – Stephen Ban, Ph.D.
      President and CEO
      Gas Research Institute

Helpful insight into what makes me tick."

   – Richard Barnaby
      Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.

"I have used the insight gained from my profile to help me focus my energy and time to my strengths, which has proven to be more effective for the company and more rewarding for me."

    – Joel Becker
      Torrington Supply Co.

"A cogent assessment of my motivational patterns. Definitely will use in consideration of my next employment opportunity."

   – Ronald Bianca
      Corporate Director, IT
      Gerber Scientific

"SIMA® has been an invaluable tool in helping the manager and the applicant to focus on ‘real’ questions regarding career decisions."

   – O’Neil Boudreaux, Jr.
      Vice President, Group Sales and Marketing
      General American

Prior to utilizing this process, I did not have a good understanding of what types of jobs I enjoyed or why some assignments appealed to me and others did not."

   – David Boyle
      Vice President
      New York Life Insurance Co.

"The process caused me to do some soul searching on what really did motivate me and help finalize and validate some decisions I had made about myself going forward."

   – Andrew Brignoli
      VP, Engineering &Technology
      Kollmorgen Industrial Drive

"The SIMA® report is thorough and on target and can be critical in matching people and jobs."

   – William Campbell
      Director, Personnel Technical Staff
      Monsanto Company

The interview and analysis gave a different ‘look’ at myself and my team which was very much needed . . . it helped me converge my executive team much more quickly."

   – John Capellupo
      Former President
      McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Company

Having personally experienced the SIMA® ‘job fit’ tool, I can attest to its unique approach . . .and its effectiveness in identifying job fit."

   – James Curtis
      Vice President, Human Resources
      American Nuclear Insurers

"While nothing was a ‘big’ surprise, the picture that emerged was extremely helpful to me. I better understand some of the problems I had experienced, and I believe this will help me considerably in the future."

    – David Dunn
      SVP, Membership Association
      New York Life Insurance Co.

"I have found the description of my Motivated Abilities from the SIMA® assessment process to be encouraging and practical in helping me judge good job fit."

   – David Durenberger
      Former U.S. Senator

I found the use of SIMA® to be a valuable career advisory tool."

   – Patrick Eagan
      Rexam Cosmetic Packaging

The SIMA® logic is sound and the process quite worthwhile . . . a wonderful management tool."

   – Donald Ebbert
      Former CFO
      Orion Capital

"Exceptional process; one of the best I have ever gone through."

   – Kip Edwards
      Vice President
      Kaiser Permanente

We have relied extensively upon the SIMA® analysis to assess the potential of mid level to senior executives as well as potential hires . . . the results have been
most satisfying."

    – Herman Fonteyne
   – Andres Kukk,
      Vice President, Human Resources
      Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc.

"By incorporating the SIMA® approach, we substantially enhance our opportunities for success."

   – Jerome Gotthainer
      President and COO
      Johns Hopkins Healthcare, L.L.C.

"I have found there is no better assessment technology for helping groups to learn to deal with its diversity than SIMA®."

   – James W. Fairfield-Sonn, Ph.D.
      Professor of Management
      University of Hartford and Consultant

"Over a 30-year career, I capitalized upon a forthright understanding of what motivated my behavior. . . . I was smart enough during these three decades to utilize the MAP® system dozens of times to help match successful people with the right opportunities."

   – Warren Davis Fuller
      Retired President and CEO
      Intracorp, A CIGNA Company

"I used the understanding of my Motivational Pattern to create a consulting firm and the result has been very satisfying."

   – Sam Havens
      Retired President
      Prudential Healthcare and Former Chairman
      of the American Association of Health Plans

"My self-evaluation was validated by the MAP®."

   – Allan Hutensky
      The Hutensky Group

"When I was first introduced to SIMA®, I thought it was just going to be another packaged approach to self-discovery. However, it is, by far, the most productive assessment and personal awareness tool I have ever used. Even now, more than two years later, I pull my copy of my MAP® out from time to time to make sure that I’m focusing on my Motivated Abilities."

    – Thomas Kilby
      Former President
      Waring Products

"Confirmed a lot of my basic inclinations, gave a slightly different view on my motivations, helping to give me a better view of the whole picture."

    – Peter Kofoed
      VP, Investments

"I now possess a much higher level of understanding of what it is I enjoy doing and what I am apt to be successful doing."

   – Kenneth Kollmeyer
      Executive Vice President, Operations
      Moore Medical Corp.

"I found SIMA® to be very helpful in structuring my approach to the individuals we hired in a way that capitalizes on their strengths. . . . shortening both my and my colleagues’ learning curves."

   – Steven Laden
      Vice President, Sales and Marketing

"I have worked with People Management to profile leadership teams in two, top-tier companies. To a person, executives found the process extremely valuable and insightful."

   – Linda Lewis, ED. D.
      Retired Senior Vice President, Learning & Education
     Charles Schwab & Co.

"As a trained career counselor and manager, I can attest to the accuracy, quality, and effectiveness of SIMA® . It provides a comprehensive and integrated picture of an individual’s talents."

   – John Madigan
      Vice President, Human Resources, Information Technology
      The Hartford

"Having been on both sides of the process, I can say with assurance that the SIMA® tool is quite effective in evaluating the candidate’s fit to the organization as well as to the job."

   – Sherry Manetta
      Executive Vice President and CFO
      HealthRight, Inc.

"I’m very happy that the SIMA® methodology is available to our company."

   – Robert Massa
      Vice President, Human Resources
     Stanadyne Automotive, Inc.

Outstanding job in matching the needs and needed personalities for the position."

   – James Miller
      Executive Vice President

"I have been familiar with the SIMA® process and People Management’s work for more than twenty years. The insights gained concerning job fit and individual giftedness are essential for effective leadership."

   – Al Quie
      Former Governor of Minnesota

"I have been an advocate for SIMA® and People Management for the last nine years, as CEO of two health care organizations. SIMA® provides a view of how individuals will actually do the work. Its accuracy and predictive descriptions is almost uncanny. My most recent organizations have used SIMA® to assess over 500 individuals for critical leadership assessment, selection and succession planning.."

    – Richard Norling
      Chief Executive Officer

SIMA® has proven to be very beneficial to the selection process for General Agents."

   – Burvin Pugh
      Senior Vice President

SIMA® is a methodical approach to understanding people. It is consistent and realistic. . . . We used it in the hiring area first because that was where the most immediate cash benefit was . . . filling jobs properly the first time and preventing turnover."

   – Dr. Larry Roberts
      Telenet Communications Corp.

"The SIMA® analyses of several high-level senior officers provided valuable insights into their behaviors and the key motivators in their performance . . . the assessments were extraordinary, accurate, and insightful."

   – Fred Sievert
      Vice Chairman
      New York Life Insurance Co.

"I was in charge of NASA's extensive recruiting program for scientists and engineers. Among the various techniques we used, SIMA® turned out to be the only reliable way to determine a person’s Motivated Abilities."

   – Madison Smith
      Former Deputy Director Personnel

"I’ve been struck by the accuracy of the conclusions related to matching of my personal characteristics to different organizational structures."

   – David C. Tiemeier, Ph.D.
      Vice President, Pharmaceutical Licensing

In 1985 I found myself at crossroads whether to continue in management or return to the technical career ladder. Keeping perceptions, feelings, and opinions out of the decision-making appeared impossible until I had the opportunity to go through the SIMA® process. I am most grateful for this since it helped me to make an important career decision that has proven right for me."

    - Bjorn Tyreus
     Research Fellow
     DuPont Corporate R&D

"SIMA® was a thorough and thoughtful exercise that helped me to evaluate my strengths, approaches to work, and helped me to ascertain the critical success factors most important to my job search. . . I found the evaluation to be very thorough – and very ‘on target . . .’ I’m pleased to see the process lived up to my expectations."

   - Diane Wallace
     Former CIO
     Aetna, Inc.

"A very powerful tool to improve productivity and enjoying your work. It has application to yourself, your employees, and your family – put it to good use!!!"

   - Eric B. Warming
     Global Engineering Director
     DuPont Dow Elastomers

“I have come to rely on MAP® as a critical ingredient in making performance predictions about candidates for general management. It is an almost fool-proof selection tool.”

   – Richard L. Watring
      Director of Personnel
      Budget Rent A Car Corporation

"The SIMA® approach to discovering an individual’s Motivated Abilities has proven to be the best tool for assessing job fit, teamwork and culture fit. . . . Understanding an individual’s motivated strengths gives the manager, as well as the individual, a unique advantage.. . . It has proven to be an accurate predictor of how individuals approach and conduct their work, as well as where they will focus their energy."

   – Pat Whatley
     Vice President, Human Resources
     Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers Inc.

"Nice job in developing a holistic view of high and low motivating circumstances."

   – Chan Wheeler
      Uniprise, A UnitedHealth Group Company

"SIMA® has added depth and insights to our talent analysis."

   – W. Douglas Willett
      Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources
      Travelers Property Casualty

"I have personally gone through the SIMA® process and found it to be on target."

   – Jack Williams
      President and CEO
      Human Affairs International